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CAUTION: Do not exceed 125 psig (8.6 Bar) air supply pressure.

Pump discharge rate can be controlled by:

1. Limiting the volume and/or pressure of the air supply to the pump (preferred method). The use of a gate valve or needle valve installed at the air inlet to the pump is suggested for this purpose.

2. Throttling the pump discharge by installing a valve in the discharge line of the pump when the need to control the pump from a remote location exists. When the pump discharge pressure equals or exceeds the air supply pressure, the pump will stall out; no bypass or pressure relief valve is needed and pump damage will not occur. Sound level can be reduced below 90 dba by attaching our optional muffler at pump air exhaust port.

Temperature Limits:  220°F (93°C) on Saniflex™ TPE food grade elastomers. 

CAUTION: Maximum temperature limits are based upon mechanical and corrosive factors. Certain chemicals will significantly reduce maximum safe operating temperatures. Consult Chemical Resistance Guide (RBG E4) for chemical compatibility and temperature limits


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